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  • To have a hyperlink open an app in the app store, use the syntax ms-windows-store://pdp/?ProductId=xxxx
  • When you change shaders on the fly in Unity, they should be included in an assets/resources folder. Otherwise they won't be included in the player
  • Development environment setup
  • Troubleshooting Windows Mixed Reality [[1]]
  • Windows changelogs [2]
  • Beginning Windows Mixed Reality Programming book[3]
  • Unity platform dependent compilation directives
  • Mixed reality Joystick/Controller axis settings
  • To check from Unity whether an app runs on HoloLens or MR headset, use HolographicDisplay.IsOpaque [4]
  • Abbreviations
  • Automate launching Windows 10 UWP apps [5]
  • Generate a Privacy Policy required for a public UWP app [6]
  • Hololens Stand by BenBart [7]
  • Mixed Reality Headset Cases: What Case Should I Get?[8]
  • Spectator view hard- and software setup [9]
  • Unity UI on the HoloLens [10]
  • Update HoloLens to RS4 Preview [11]
  • Using keywords
  • Unlock Windows Holographic for Business features [12]
  • Spectator View with mobile phone [13]
  • MR Controller naming conventions and detection [14]
  • Hololens Headband Repair Kit by mrleemrlee [15]
  • Announcing HoloLens Preview 17720 [16]
  • HoloLens In-App Purchases [17]
  • HoloLens recovery recover HoloLens



  • Windows 10 Tip: Disable the Mixed Reality Portal Hardware Checks [[21]]