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This Wiki currently has the following extensions installed:

Extension Description Example
CiteThisPage The CiteThisPage extension, is an extension that creates a special page (Special:CiteThisPage) and toolbox link to it for pages in the main namespace. Given an article name, this extension generates citations to it in a variety of styles. Example
ImageMap The ImageMap extension allows clickable image maps. An image map is a list of coordinates in a specific image, which hyperlinks areas of the image to multiple destinations (in contrast to a normal image link, in which the entire area of the image links to a single destination). For example, a map of the world may have each country hyperlinked to further information about that country. The intention of an image map is to provide an easy way of linking various parts of an image without dividing the image into separate image files. Example
Poem The Poem extension allows easy formatting of poems and similar material within Wikitext. Once the extension is enabled, you can put any block of text within
PdfHandler The PdfHandler extension shows uploaded pdf files in a multipage preview layout. With the Proofread Page extension enabled, pdfs can be displayed side-by-side with text for transcribing books and other documents, as is commonly done with DjVu files (particularly in Wikisource). Example
TemplateStyles The TemplateStyles extension introduces a <templatestyles> tag to specify that a stylesheet should be loaded from a wiki page. Placing this in a template allows the template to have custom styles without having to place them in MediaWiki:Common.css. Example
YouTube The YouTube extension allows users to embed YouTube and Google Video movies, Archive.org audio and video, WeGame and Gametrailers video, Tangler forum, and GoGreenTube video. Example